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      Introducing Morgan Mosaic: Co-Counseling with Morgan & Morgan

      Introducing Morgan Mosaic: Co-Counseling with Morgan & Morgan

      ​Every week, Morgan & Morgan lawyers secure multi-million dollar recoveries. Behind each case, we employ a comprehensive strategy honed from thousands of trials and an unparalleled understanding of civil litigation. Our approach is steered by the nation’s foremost trial attorneys, backed by extensive resources, an expansive network of experts, and a reputation for delivering substantial results that resonates with defendants, judges, and juries alike.

      Introducing Morgan Mosaic, a co-counseling initiative under The Morgan Connection, offering access to the arsenal that consistently achieves substantial justice. This flexible option empowers you to tap into the strength of Morgan & Morgan, whether for full-case representation or for specific needs such as Mediation Strategy, Jury Evaluation, Non-Economic Modeling, Punitive Modeling, Bad Faith Claims, and more.

      Recognizing the Need for Co-Counseling

      Consider a scenario: a law firm specializing in personal injury, yet with minimal trial experience in recent years. An injured client seeks representation following a truck accident, presenting a case rich in potential for high-value outcomes, including catastrophic injuries and commercial policies. Both economic and non-economic damages are at stake, with punitive damages on the table.

      Winning such a case and optimizing its value demands a better-equipped law firm with deeper resources and specialized expertise in catastrophic personal injury litigation. The solution lies in co-counseling.

      However, when confronted with a case capable of yielding a multimillion-dollar verdict, selecting the most suitable co-counsel firm to partner with and advocate for maximum compensation on behalf of your client is paramount.

      Morgan Mosaic: Tailored Co-Counseling Solutions

      Addressing these precise co-counseling needs, The Morgan Connection introduces Morgan Mosaic, our exclusive co-counseling program. 

      Morgan Mosaic caters to your specific co-counseling requirements, offering a comprehensive suite of specialties tailored to high-value casework. It heralds a new era of legal collaboration, granting co-counsel firms unprecedented access to the formidable resources of Morgan & Morgan. Whether you seek comprehensive case support or assistance with particular facets such as Mediation Strategy or Punitive Modeling, Morgan Mosaic delivers a flexible solution aligned with your unique needs.


      Here are some of the possibilities that you can use our size and experience to your advantage:

      Mediation Strategy
      Timing is crucial, especially in commercial cases. Engaging early allows for skillful negotiation led by Matt Morgan, our Harvard-trained negotiator, compounding initial offerings.

      Jury Evaluation
      Our jury teams' deep insight ensures accurate jury selection. Having evaluated hundreds of juries, they have the insight into conducting accurate investigation of the venire and eradicating the guesswork from jury selection.

      Institutional Knowledge
      We've triumphed against major insurers and corporations, and since many of our attorneys have formerly served as defense in the same field, we have a comprehensive perspective that is vital to our success.

      TBI Analysis
      We meticulously analyze traumatic brain injury cases, collaborating with neurological experts to assess every factor impacting settlement value. 

      Punitive Modeling
      Beyond damages, our verdicts hold bad actors accountable, improving lives not only for clients but also entire communities.

      Bad Faith Claim Strategy
      Strategic navigation and timing in bad faith claims can lead to higher compensation, surpassing policy limits and holding defendants accountable.

      In-House Appellate Team
      For appeals, our in-house appellate team manages legal research and dispute resolution, leveraging extensive nationwide connections for comprehensive support.

      Non-Economic Modeling
      We excel in presenting non-economic damages comprehensively, including emotional anguish, reputational harm, and loss of enjoyment, maximizing compensation.

      How It Works

      Through our courtroom prowess and strategic co-counseling, the goal of Morgan Mosaic is to enhance the value of every case brought to us. We prioritize collaborative partnerships, fostering lasting relationships and yielding substantial fees for our co-counsel firms.

      Clients receive exceptional care and confidence in that we will fight for the best result. From initial contact, our advanced technology ensures swift response and thorough documentation. We promptly assess each case's viability and eligibility for representation, keeping co-counsel and clients alike informed of each case’s progression throughout. 

      From mediation to trial, we encourage firms considering co-counseling to leverage Morgan & Morgan's top-tier legal experts, proven winning strategies, and extensive resources to optimize the best outcomes for all.

      Let’s talk.