The Art of Outsmarting

Trial Skills Masterclass with Keith Mitnik

Keith Mitnik is a Senior Trial Lawyer for Morgan & Morgan. He has obtained a long list of verdicts in
excess of a million dollars. In the last few years, he has had jury verdicts ranging from $1 Million to $90 Million. 
In this series, Keith shares his cutting edge lawsuit strategies and tips for success in the courtroom.

  • 39 min

    Powerful Packaging Toolbox: Provide Context

    Providing context is an integral part of a winning legal strategy. In this episode Keith Mitnik shares his tools for creating an understandable and successful narrative for the jury to understand your case, from opening statements to closing arguments.

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  • 33 min

    Powerful Packaging Toolbox: Part 2

    In this episode, Keith discusses his groundbreaking approach for effectively educating the jury: from recognizing the flaws in the defense's arguments to understanding that expert opinions are subjective, not immutable facts.

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  • 35 min

    Powerful Packaging Toolbox: Part 1

    Hear the initial strategy Keith deploys to identify and expose the flaws in any defense’s case: education. As he breaks down the first part of his Powerful Packaging Toolbox, you’ll learn different ways to communicate to the jury, helping them better understand the case and expose the flaws themselves. 

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  • 42 min

    New Processes for Difference Makers

    From a jury selection in Mississippi to 2 AM emails, hear a breakdown for a five-step mental and tactical framework for winning your case (and having fun while you’re at it).

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  • 22 min

    Providing Proper Perspective

    Listen to hear Keith’s tips for shifting the jury’s perspective to achieve the verdict your client deserves.

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