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Drawing on over 35 years of industry experience, TMC’s video series is a deep dive into all of our practice areas, covering emerging 
topics and trends from some of the law profession's leading voices across a broad range of current topics - from how to grow your
referral networks to how to develop streams of referral income to tips on how to improve client experience.

    • 28 min watch

      Crash Course: Maximizing Trucking Litigation

      Crosby Crane

      Trucking cases can hold enormous recovery potential due to the often catastrophic injuries, the complex commercial insurance policies and the multiplicity of players involved. These cases are also notoriously challenging to litigate because of the industry’s deep pockets, top tier defense counsel, and complicated layers of liability. Here Morgan & Morgan's Crosby Crane discusses the industry’s intricacies.



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    • 33 min watch

      Powerful Packaging Toolbox: Part 2

      Trial Skills Masterclass with Keith Mitnik

      In this episode, Keith discusses his groundbreaking approach for effectively educating the jury: from recognizing the flaws in the defense's arguments to understanding that expert opinions are subjective, not immutable facts.

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    • 13 min watch

      Million Dollar Breakdown: From a $350,000 offer to a $12.2M verdict

      With Manuel Stefan

      An accomplished physical therapist in her 70s faced life-altering injuries after her car was struck by a dumpster truck. The settlement offer was just over $300,000. Overcoming age bias, Morgan & Morgan attorney Manuel Stefan and his team successfully secured a $12.2M verdict. 

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    • 23 min watch

      Morganology: Decoding Complex Catastrophic Injury Cases

      With Jonathan Brozyna

      Catastrophic injury cases require a unique approach. With complex injuries or perhaps a fatality, calculating damages and communicating to the jury necessitates additional tools. Jonathan Brozyna discusses working with doctors on the stand, using software to illustrate injuries to juries and more.

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    • 35 min watch

      Powerful Packaging Toolbox: Part 1

      Trial Skills Masterclass with Keith Mitnik

      Hear the initial strategy Keith deploys to identify and expose the flaws in any defense’s case: education. As he breaks down the first part of his Powerful Packaging Toolbox, you’ll learn different ways to communicate to the jury, helping them better understand the case and expose the flaws themselves. 

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