The Strategy of Storytelling

    with Keenan Nix

    Keenan Nix lights up a courtroom with the sheer force of his personality and palpable passion. And given that the focus of his practice is on catastrophic injury and wrongful death litigation, he always enters the courtroom swinging. Annually recognized by his peers as one of Atlanta’s “SuperLawyers” and inducted into the Gate City Bar Association “Hall of Fame” in 2018, Nix has been a trial lawyer for close on 30 years and loves to talk about the passion of his life: helping people. Authenticity is his calling card. Nix has an unshakeable belief that juries can smell insincerity from a mile away and that the currency of any courtroom is credibility. Be your most authentic self, he asserts, and it will become infectious. In this episode of Court Chronicles, Nix shares his strategies for obtaining seven-figure verdicts and settlements for both the catastrophically injured and for the families of deceased victims. He explores the paramount importance of storytelling in catastrophic cases and discusses the redemptive value of money to restore a victim’s sense of self-worth, dignity, autonomy, and access to quality medical care. On representing victims of traumatic brain injury, Nix addresses how to counteract the frequent arguments brought by defense that mild brain trauma is somehow less deserved of fair compensation.