Million Dollar Breakdown: When a $10M Pre-Trial Offer Isn’t Enough

      with Hecto Rojas Jr.

      A $10M pre-trial offer isn’t always enough for our clients. When a 76-year-old great-grandfather passed away after his vehicle was hit by a Comcast driver in Georgia, his family was devastated. Not only was he a father figure to two teens, but he had taken them into his home and was responsible for raising them. So how did we make an economic claim for a retired individual? On this episode of Million Dollar Breakdown, watch Morgan & Morgan attorney Hector Rojas discuss the tactics he used to double the pre-trial offer and secure a $19M verdict for the family, including walking away from an eight-figure pre-trial offer, the intricacies of making an economic claim for a retired, elderly individual, strategies used to ensure the jury was impartial and open to large-scale awards and countering multiple defense arguments, which were eventually dropped.

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