Million Dollar Breakdown: Teacher Wins $2.6M Car Crash Verdict

      With Jennifer Rosinski

      A South Florida teacher was driving home from work when a distracted driver rear-ended her at a light, resulting in an injury to the joint that connects her spine and pelvis, as well as aggravating a pre-existing herniation in her neck. These injuries caused instability and pain while sitting or walking, ultimately leading to fusion surgery. Her suffering made it difficult to drive to school, interact with her students, and focus on teaching through the pain, ultimately causing her to lose what she loved to do. That’s why Morgan & Morgan attorneys rejected the $200,000 pretrial offer, took the case to trial, and achieved a $2.6M verdict for their client. In this episode of Million Dollar Breakdown, attorney Jennifer Rosinski discusses the tools she used to secure justice for the Broward County educator, including telling a client’s story authentically to the jury, getting in front of and contextualizing the defense’s arguments, and believing in your client to get them the justice they deserve. 

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