Million Dollar Breakdown: Winning a $1.5M Auto Collision Case

      with Grant Gillenwater

      On a winter morning in 2022, Grant Gillenwater’s client was sitting in the passenger seat with his son behind the wheel when the pair were suddenly hit from behind, sending them crashing into the car in front of them. The client sustained permanent injuries to his neck and back, totally altering his lifestyle as an active dad and family man. After receiving an offer in the $200,000 mark, Gillenwater went to bat for his client and ultimately won a $1.5M settlement. His biggest challenge? An opposing counsel using underhanded tactics, resulting in a mistrial with sanctions against the DA and a second trial. Watch Gillenwater’s talk about calling out unethical behavior in front of the court, controlling your bad facts by bringing them to light first and crafting a winning strategy for closing arguments

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